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You may be wondering,"How can I be an admin?" Well, I made 2 ways possible.

1. Prove your self.

Rollback requirements: Must have more than 10 edits. Never vandalized. Created at least 1 article.

Promoter requirements: Must be a rollback. Must have more than 15 edits. Created 5 articles.

Sysop Status: Must've been a Promoter/rollback once. Must have more than 20 edits. Created 10 articles.


2. Earn points by editing!

Yep, earn and win. Simple. User with the most points, moves a notch up the wiki ladder.

Now, you must've never vandalized for the promotion. I will check. So don't try anything sneaky.

Anymore questions may be posted here or my talk page.

Good luck!

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