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  • discussion page User talk:Sarah Manley
    created by Wonderweez

    Just saying hiya...

    You can leave other users messages by clicking "Leave message" on their talk page.Ask for help, thank them for their work, or just say hi!

    Just saying hiya...

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  • categorization Plain Cookies
    edited by Wonderweez diff
    Added photo:
  • edit User:Wonderweez
    edited by Wonderweez diff

    Hi, I'm...

    Is your user page empty?Click on your user name at the top of the screen to see.Click "Edit" to add some information about yourself!

    Hi, I'm...

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  • new page Forum:Still confused? Need more advice?
    created by Wonderweez
    New page: When all else fails, add a new topic to the help desk. Other users will try to help as best as they can. WonderweezForums: Index > Help desk >...
    Added category: Help desk
  • edit Forum:Statuses
    edited by Wonderweez diff
    Summary: MISTAKE!
  • new page Forum:Statuses
    created by Wonderweez
    New page: You may be wondering,"How can I be an admin?" Well, I made 2 ways possible. 1. Prove your self. Rollback requirements: Must have more than 10 edits....
    Added category: Help desk
  • new page Forum:Need help,new user?
    created by Wonderweez
    New page: Hello New user! So, don't know your way around? Don't worry, you will find out soon enough. Just ask an admin. A list may be found here, where you...
    Added category: Help desk
  • discussion page Hello!
    comment by Wonderweez
    Comment: Hooray! First Post!
  • new page User blog:Wonderweez/Hello!
    posted by Wonderweez
    New blog: Hello, and welcome to Cookiepedia v.2! I hope users from a far come and edit this wiki, growing it more and more! Admin, Wonderweez
    Added category: Blog posts


    Write your opinions and questions! Click on Recent blog posts in
    the sidebar, and then the link on the left for Create a new blog post.


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  • new page Plain Cookies
    created by Wonderweez
    New page: Add a photoThe Plain Cookie is a cookie with no chocolate chips, pecans, nuts, or anything. Just a cookie with no added flavor. Recomended for people...
    Added category: Cookies

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